Laser Eye Surgery– Correcting Vision Problems in Chicago

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For many people who are discussing whether to have LASIK eye surgery, the question of postoperative recovery is often raised, which makes them a bit nervous. Let’s face it: most people take the time to learn about the pros and cons of vision correction with LASIK eye surgery. They carefully read all the available literature on how to choose the best doctor for your vision enhancement surgery.

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You may have heard or read the horrible stories associated with LASIk eye surgery, but the truth is that many people have successfully undergone laser eye surgery and experience pleasant sensations before, during, and after surgery. In fact, most patients who have one of the best lasik eye surgery in chicago go home and, after a good night’s sleep (allowing their eyes to rest), wake up without discomfort or painful episodes. The key to a successful postoperative recovery is listening to your doctor’s advice on how to treat your eyes after your vision correction procedure.

One of the most recognized tips from all doctors who perform laser eye surgery is to take a friend or family member to the clinic where the eye surgery will be performed. Many doctors will ask you to wait a few hours at their clinic to give your eyes the rest they deserve. You may need to wear a blindfold to avoid direct contact between your sensitive eyes and the sun. How long it takes to wear these glasses depends on the individual patient. Just relax and listen to your doctor’s advice, as he or she has performed this operation hundreds of times.

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 Most people often experience mild pain or discomfort after successful laser eye surgery during the LASIK recovery period. Usually your doctor prescribes a mild pain reliever such as acetaminophen and rarely prescribes aspirin due to its blood-thinning effect. Other common side effects of laser vision correction are itchy eyes and increased sensitivity to light. Both mild symptoms gradually disappear until they are no longer noticeable.

Stay out of work

Your doctor may also recommend that you stay out of work for a few days (many people use this recommendation) and avoid any strenuous activities like lifting weights, exercising, or running. It is imperative to follow this warning: do not attempt any contact sports. Yes, sorry, but you shouldn’t play soccer, baseball, basketball, or even golf. Any sport can seriously damage the LASIK eye recovery period if it irritates the eye, hits it, or allows large amounts of dust particles to enter the eye.

Healthcare professional

You can count on follow-up treatment from your doctor or healthcare professional at regular intervals to make sure your eyes recover properly after laser eye surgery. Also, during the first few months, you may experience varying degrees of improvement in vision, followed by deterioration. Again, this is normal and will eventually go away as your eye adjusts to its new formation.