Grimace Coin Price

Stock market changes everyday and has different stock market price. There are many such traders in the market which has different market prices. One such currency traders in the grimace coin price. Everyday grimace coin price changes for 24 hrs. Grimace to USD pricing is placed in real-time. In everyday 1 day at least Grimace changes or gains around 4.06 percent. With a live market cap of not available, the current CoinMarketCap ranking is based on the supply. There is no circulating supply and a maximum supply in billions.


rimaceCoinPriceis a crypto currency that runs on the finance Smart Chain platform. There are now 1,000,000 Grimace Coin tokens available. The coin is associated with Mc Donald popular character and icon Grimace. This wants to foster favorable interactions between multibillion-dollar corporations with worldwide clout so that accelerating the growth and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. It has since managed to build up a solid connectionwith community and construct a roadmap that will enhance its utility.

Grimace Coin Price

A very less number of NFTs will be minted on the GrimaceCoin website, each with its own and unique minter. NFT holders will get 10% of the revenue as a passive income, while the remaining 20% will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Because charity is one of the GrimaceCoin’s main focuses, expect more of this type of activity they are also dedicated solely to GrimaceCoin will be established providing another source of potential passive income for its holders. GrimaceCoin also plans to create its own mobile payment wallet, as well as an ETH bridge to ensure that the coin becomes worldwide and accessible to investors on other blockchains.

Twitter feed is infamous for spitting out meaningless crypto currencies but a series of crypto tokens themed after McDonald’s mascot Grimace may be the most pointless yet. Supporting for Dogecoin has evolved recently, with the statement saying eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s would merely accept his beloved dog money as payment. McDonald’s answered that it would accept Doge coin if Tesla would accept GrimaceCoin on CoinSpeaker which was a joke at the time because it didn’t exist.The seemingly benign McDonald’s tweet references to one of McDonald’s legendary characters the goofy purple taste bud Grimace in a playful manner.

Grimace Coin merchants accounted for the vast majority of that volume. Most of those dumps were most likely from the token’s issuers.

  • GRIM began trading at 0 ETH and quickly rose to 0.00000323 ETH.
  • So far, buyers have accounted for only 7% of GRIM’s turnover, amounting to 120 ETH.
  • Individual sales of more than 11 ETH were the highest.