Kissanime Service Brings the Entertainment to Your Door


Paradise arrived with the Kissanimeservice, at least from the point of view of movie lovers. What could be more convenient than booking movies online and then finding them in your inbox for a couple of days? And this is if you do not want to see them immediately on your computer.

No one can deny that Kissanimeand similar services optimize usability by allowing us to skip the trip to the video store. However, saving gas is even more important for some people. Who can argue with the time saved and the money saved? And if you’re looking for a dark movie, chances are you’ll find it among a large selection of this video service than anywhere else.



In this note, a subscription to kissanime is ​​a profitable operation in itself, since several plans cover the cost of renting and shipping in both directions. Subscribers pay per month and can choose between four plans, some with a limited rental amount and others without. Other variables include the amount of DVDs that can be rented at one time and if the subscriber plans to watch movies instantly on their PC. Most people choose 3 DVDs at a time. Paid mail envelopes come with movies, so returning them is as easy as returning a cake. If the headers remain in the user’s queue, they are sent in the same way as the previous ones are returned to the store.

The movie lover has other options. KissanimeVideo, the largest video rental network, began offering mail delivery in response to the huge success of Kissanime. Then, the video could be returned to the physical store, and the customer could take home a new movie from the inventory of this place, without waiting for the Pony Express. Kissanimesubscription plans are similar to those offered by its main competitor, but the number of rentals allowed at the same time is limited to three.

Reserve videos online

A slightly different service, Kissanime, allows tenants to reserve videos online to retrieve them in an automatic kiosk, usually located inside a supermarket, or they can simply visit the kiosk and see what it contains. The main difference is the choice; Kissanimespecializes in the latest releases and, instead of having a large number of items, the units will retain several copies of popular rentals.