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What is hydroponic farming and how is it done?

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants with or without soil and only with water and nutrients. It can be done in an indoor or outdoor space with the hydroponic equipments canada which supplies the equipment and nutrients required for cultivation.

Hydroponics is the art of farming only with nutrients and water without soil. With this method, we can cultivate flowers, herbs, and vegetables that are used for our daily needs. You don’t need any agricultural land or garden for growing crops using this method. This method has faster growth and yields than farming on land. This is due to the fact that when the plant grows in soil, it searches for its nutrients in the soil, but here we provide the required nutrients so that a quick result is obtained.

This method operates based on the temperature, nutrients, and water content that you offer to the crops. When you provide the required supplies and proper lighting to the plant, the plant will grow faster and give a better yield than farming on land.

doors of distinction

Types of hydroponic systems

There are six types of hydroponic systems that differ from each other based on the nutrients supplied to the plants.

  1. Wick system
  2. Water culture
  3. “Ebb and Flow”
  4. Drip system
  5. Nutrient film technique
  6. Aeroponics

Each system works with better results with the plant suitable for the particular system. Gardeners can buy a system that is appropriate for their garden and the type of plant they want to grow. They can get the necessary equipment from hydroponic equipments canada. The equipment is available online and delivered to your doorstep. They also supply other necessities that are required for the growth of plants, like nutrients, light, etc. This method has many benefits over traditional farming methods.


Sunshine provides a variety of nutrients to the plant. While growing indoors, there is no way for sunlight, so grow lights are available that are used to provide the required light for the plant’s growth.

Water and nutrients

Reverse osmosis water is preferred for this method. The pure water supplies the nutrients that is required for the plant at a balanced level. The water also contains a mixture of premix. It is the nutrient mixture that is also available online that contains the required amount of balanced nutrients that are essential for the growth of the plant.