amazon proof of liability insurance

The Amazon Insurance Accelerator includes NEXT Insurance

Today, NEXT Insurance, a pioneer in the field of digital insurtech that is revolutionising small business insurance, declared its participation in the Amazon Insurance Accelerator programme. This will enable Amazon sellers looking to purchase insurance to receive competitive instant quotes from NEXT Insurance within Amazon Seller Central. The only US-based insurance provider currently taking part in the initiative is NEXT. Building on its relationship with Amazon Business Prime, NEXT’s fully digital, customised e-commerce General Liability coverage offers sellers instant, automated Certificates of Insurance (COI), as well as a smooth online claims resolution process.

Access to easy, accessible insurance to secure their livelihood is more critical than ever because the pandemic ushered in a significant amount of innovation and growth for small company e-commerce methods. Digital insurance from NEXT is simple to integrate into the software programmes that small businesses frequently use to operate their operations. Today, sellers can easily obtain NEXT’s cheap and tailored insurance coverage for a straightforward, frictionless experience through amazon next insurance Accelerator. We are thrilled to work with Amazon to aid small companies in their endeavours to prosper.

For the protection of both customers and sellers, Amazon mandates that the majority of third-party merchants maintain commercial liability insurance. Third-party sellers on Amazon will be directed to NEXT’s online application straight from their account through Amazon Insurance Accelerator. Sellers may obtain a personalised quotation and bind a policy in no more than ten minutes. In order to comply with Amazon’s criteria, NEXT automatically adds Amazon as a “additional insured” and immediately provides COI information back to the seller.

amazon proof of liability insurance

Prior to this revolutionary NEXT feature, sellers would have to manually mail in COIs, but now they can enjoy the convenience and comfort of a totally digital experience so they can concentrate on what’s important—running their business.

NEXT Insurance is revolutionising small company insurance with self-employed-specific, straightforward, inexpensive coverage. 250K company owners trust NEXT, which delivers plans that are simple to purchase in 10 minutes or less and enables 24/7 access to Live Certificates of Insurance, Additional Insured, and more, all without additional costs. NEXT is revolutionising the traditionally complex insurance market by streamlining the purchase process and slashing expenses by up to 30% when compared to conventional coverage.

The Palo Alto-based business was established in 2016 and has garnered $881 million in venture capital financing to far. It has also won awards from Forbes Fintech 50, JMP Securities InsurTech 50, and Forbes Best StartUp Employers for the past two years in a row.