Some laundry tips for your winter clothes

Maintaining your winter clothes will help you extend their life to a few more winters. You can wear your favorite beanie and jacket year after year if they are well-cared for. These clothes are to be handled gently. The following are some of the laundry tips in maintaining your winter essentials.

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  • Select a gentle washing liquid for your woollens. Washing liquids are any day better than powders. These powders are a little harsh and also stick to your clothes. There are many brands of gentle cleansers available in the market. While shopping, look at the label and note the wash care instructions. This will help you choose the right product for your delicate clothes. These are also available as scented variants that make you feel fresh all day.
  • Hand wash your knitted sweaters, shawls, and ahegao hoodieThey may be spoiled due to rigorous wash in the machine. Every clothing comes with instructions on how to care for them. Read them carefully before selecting the method of washing. This will let you know if you can soak them for long, etc. Also, don’t forget that these clothes can change shape if twisted during the wash. Just handle them with care. Soak them in a gentle liquid soap for a little while and then wash them by swishing. You can fill your sink with water and do this washing as it will be easier.
  • Clean the stains immediately. If you leave them uncared for, they can become very stubborn and cannot be removed. Don’t let this happen as you must have spent a lot on your winter clothing. There may be water splashes that may contain mud or any other food stain also. Use a mild stain remover and thoroughly clean the sweater or jacket as soon as you notice the stain.
  • For smaller clothes like gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats you can use a separate netted laundry bag so that they don’t get mixed up with the larger ones. This will also help keep them in pairs. You can flat dry them once out of the washing cycle. Also, you can wash them once in a month and not more.
  • You can wash your down coats with cold water about two times a month. While swishing out the excess water, don’t twist them. Flat dry your jacket and re-fluff them again to get them back to shape.