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The time we spend playing games will fluctuate according to our personal and professional work commitments. But, people do not forget to play their favorite game at least once a day. The gaming industry planned a perfect growth strategy for the lockdown period and they have succeeded in it. We cannot agree more on the fact the people spent most of the time playing some game or the other and they have also tried to make money out of it.

Among the games that are played everywhere, Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games that went viral when it was released. It definitely requires time and skills to win and people should definitely play it continuously to get the desired results. Also, since its launch, the game has got several trainers who ensure that the players are playing the game in the right way. Especially in 2020, the game generated over $1 billion in revenue which is extremely high considering the difficulties of a pandemic. Get the application on your mobile phone and buy pokemon go accounts.

How to play?

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Now, if you are interested to play, you first have to download the game on your mobile. It is never too late to start any game and if you are happy, then there is nothing to think about. Now to play, you have to do the following;

  • Create an account and choose the first Pokemon as an avatar.
  • Then you should visit the gyms to collect items for your inventory.
  • Now, pokemon appears randomly, so you can just track the character through directions, and then catching it is simple.

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