Know about the lubrication of Chambrelan drawer slides

First is Greasing

In the general case, the company delivers its entire vary of linear or telescopic guides gently lubricated. whether or not in metal, chrome steel, or galvanized steel. Their telescopic slides and guide rails are furnished greases tailored to every product.

For example, they tend to use a hard-hitting bearing grease for the zinc-plated steel references. And a white grease for telescopic and linear rails made from anodized metal and chrome steel. Within the customary version, they’re lubricated and stand up to temperatures from -20° to +80°.

Grease for food areas and clean rooms

 In some environments like the food trade, clean rooms, laboratories, medical and pharmaceutical environments. The employment of telescopic slides or chrome steel linear guides is essential. So, these sectors are subject to strict hygiene necessities. To combat the proliferation of bacteria and mold. On chrome steel slides, dirt won’t keep on with them. What’s a lot of, the fabric is straightforward to clean.

This is why, to adapt to those constraints, the Chambrelan offers a food grease compatible with these completely different environments.

The grease they tend to use doesn’t stain, doesn’t stick, and withstands a far higher temperature range: -20° to +150°. And what is more, it’s approved “NSF class 1”. NB: NSF is a global organization that guarantees safety in food environments.

This is how the lubrication of heavy duty drawer slides and slides rails is by Chambrelan. They are very famous for providing the best quality of the product. And if you read about their history then, you will get to know that the company has struggled a lot and make them stand in the market at a great level. You will also find different things on the website.