A Look At Our Favorite Telugu comedy Movie

Our movie industry impeccably depicts these real-life emotions. Aha, OTT is trying to narrow this gap of our reel life experience to real-life by bringing the destination of such sensational dripping movies right before your eyes. One such romantic comedy fiction is here that we are going to discuss now.

Here we will discuss the engaging and amazingly comic story from the Tamil film industry named OreyBujjiga. This movie is directed by Vijay Kumar Konda and is on the screen since 2 Oct 2020. Films on mistaken identity have been a center of attraction. When it comes to the Romantic Protagonists obscuring their identities and caring for their loved ones, it is one of the cliché based idea presented in a specific manner which will incite you to watch this movie. To watch movies online, immediately turn attention to Aha to get the required taste.

This story revolves around two teenagers who ran from the village on the day of their marriage. Bujji (Raj Tarun) is a new engineer of a young age and is not interested in his marriage, so he decided to escape from the situation. Synonymously in the same village, another wedding is taking place, A girl named Krishna Veni (Malvika Nair) also has her rituals simultaneously, but she also managed to get off there. But as the given circumstances, the whole village thought that they might a slipped away together and had a chance of chemistry. The exciting part of the story is that Bujji and Krishnaveni never met despite being raised in the same village for 20 years. Coincidentally destiny decides to bring them together in Hyderabad where they encounter each other by chance. Bujji introduces himself to Krishna Veni as Srinu (his real name) because he is afraid to reveal his real identity. In The parallel duration of time pandemonium elated in the village, they were hoping for the return of the couple who ran together according to their presumption. But for how long Bujji can hide his identity, this exciting story awaits your attention.

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