Nipple Piercing: Things to Look at

Although body piercings have become quite common type of modification, most of the people find nipple piercings to be the sensitive topic & find it quite embarrassing to ask any questions. Suppose you are thinking of getting the nipples pierced, following nipple piercing aftercare can help you take care of your concerns.

After An Initial Piercing Procedure

Your nipples might get very sensitive after its initial procedure. But, many people leave wearing the same bra that they came with as they think pressure applied to their new piercings helps in initial discomfort of the new piercing done, and keeps clothes and jewelry close to their body. Besides they continue wearing bra for such reason, particularly to bed so jewelry does not get caught on the blankets when sleeping.

Some women think it is comfortable. Just ensure if you are not wearing the bra, wear soft and clean tops, which will not leave any chance for the accidental snags. When you’re ready for wearing the bra again, ensure you use cotton and soft lined bras. People find the sports bra comfortable. You do not want any kind of infection due to soiled clothing, so ensure you launder your choice often.

Wear loose clothing

One of the worst things that you may do to the pierced nipples will be getting it exposed to several rubbing & fiction. This will be problematic, particularly for the freshly pierced nipples. And in such case, you will have to wear looser clothes, which minimize your contact with any fabric.

Next practical reason to choose loose clothing is open wounds requires air to heal in a right way. The tight-fitting clothes will limit the air circulation over your skin’s surface that makes it tough for your skin to heal and breathe. Thus, these are some important factors that you need to consider.