Ideas for photographing children

One of the fastest growing photography markets is children’s portraits. Infants change so quickly that many mothers are willing to pay for several sessions during the first year. This creates an opportunity for the photographer to sell annual packages, which can be very profitable. For obvious reasons, photographing children requires a different approach than photographing a wedding or portrait of older people. Children have special needs. Although this article is not an exhaustive attempt to describe the best way to photograph children, it contains several important ideas.

child (or older child) to attract a smile and quickly remove the subject before shooting.

  • An effective way to get a baby’s head or head and vaccinations in a naked chest is to make parents sit on the floor with their knees bent (the baby can still wear a diaper). Let the parents put the child on their knees and hold him by the waist. This allows the child to be upright, without danger of falling, in the hands of a person whom he trusts. Therefore, he is safe (from falls), he can easily be made to laugh and answer, and he feels safe (sometimes it’s scary that the child is on the set). In addition, since he photographs only the head and upper body, the father will not appear at all in the image.
  • Have different hats to wear as accessories (or ask a customer to bring their favorite baby hats). Images of chubby naked babies in hats are big sellers.
  • When it is difficult for the children to sit, let the parents feel and then sit next to the child so that they can straighten it when it starts to swing and fall.
  • In the instructions for parents, be sure to indicate that they will bring several outfits for your child,click here to gather more details.
  • Buy a pen with a long pen. They are great for tickling the nose of a child (or older child) to attract a smile and quickly remove the subject before shooting.