Most of the common household needs a general handyman once in a while. They can fix water pipes dripping, clogged kitchen sinks, and flickering light bulbs. Most people think that they can do the job and end up needing extra service. These simple jobs are not so simple when you do not have the proper knowledge and necessary tools. Some people make the mistake of teaching themselves how to do the job by learning things online. Then they spend a lot of time trying to figure out which supplies they may need. They waste their money buying special tools they will only use once. It is better to call a handyman. It will save you a lot of time and money. It will also yield much better results.

You can hire a handyman Chicago with ease. But choosing which handyman to hire is not as easy. You might want to consider the following tips on hiring one.

Insurance, license, and certifications

A license is usually required for handy work. Most professional handymen and handywomen are often licensed. You can ask for a copy of the license and verify its validity. You can also check if they have certifications that may help verify their expertise. Insurance is also important. This will help you if the worker becomes injured while working at your place.


You can ask your friends, family members, and other relatives. You can also hook up with neighborhood websites and referral websites. Employees and owners of independent local hardware stores are usually excellent resources.

Test on smaller projects


Start small. You can check whether the worker shows up on the agreed time, or if he or she cleans up after him or herself. Once you find the results satisfying then you can move on to larger projects.


You should ask for an estimate before the work starts. Never hire a handyman who asks for a downpayment before starting a job. If the project needs materials, you should pay the supplier yourself. Never give an advanced payment of more than 10% of the total cost.

Written agreement

Make a draft of the contract or job. Most handymen are not skilled writers. Make sure you include the details and prices. Then let the handyman sign it. The written estimate can also serve as your contractual agreement. This will let you pay the exact amount agreed upon. Do not pay for extra services you did not discuss beforehand.


The cheapest is often not the best. Do not compromise the quality of materials and of the job itself. Choosing a handyman at a very low price will usually mean poor quality of services and supplies.

A good handyman will make your life a lot easier. Build a solid working relationship with a reliable handyman. You can expect to work with him over the years. Your handyman will go the extra mile and offer you advice to prevent basic and minor damages.