Teeth are special!

            Oral hygiene and dental health are the two most important aspects of general health of any person. This is very true for the children in particular as they are the growing people who have to face the challenges of the future. Dental health and strong teeth add to the sound health of the person as they are the essential body part that sends the food in the right consistency to the system. Without good dental health this is not possible and in order to check the dental health, the dental X-ray machine is the most important piece of equipment that any dentists should invest in.

For complete dental picture!

            The equipment offers the analysis of the dental condition especially if the teeth are in good working condition. Since the teeth are designed in such a way the machinery to investigate the true picture is also designed accordingly. It gives an all round picture of the teeth. Since the teeth are made of bone tissues and enamel, the x-ray is employed for the job.

complete dental picture

How it works:

            The person has to stand in the right position and the chin has to rest in the place designated for it and the person has to bite into the attachment and the diagnosis begins. The picture can be taken within a few minutes and you will get the results of the diagnosis very easy.

Complete diagnosis:

            Every detail of the dental condition such as the strength, the cavities, the gum condition, the enamel condition are all seen through the dental x-ray machine and this is a one of a kind equipment where even the children can be diagnosed with ease as it is user friendly. The shape and the inner lying teeth which are invisible to the naked eye can also be viewed with ease.