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Waterfront Condos: Tips to prepare your Luxury Condo for winter

Owning a coastal department during the winter can be a painful struggle against the elements to crush the energy bill. If your oceanfront condo is not in Singapore, most other condo owners must deal with lower temperatures and higher electricity bills during the cold season.

Preparing a luxury condo

To avoid spending too much money on a waterfront condo singapore heating bill this winter, try several energy-saving methods that will save more heat in your home and greener in your pocket. In addition, your family will like the extra money you should spend on gifts for them this year.

  • The dress is warm inside the apartment. Although this seems almost too obvious, one of the best ways to reduce heating costs is to wear warmer underwear. Instead of 70 degrees and shorts and shirts, try 65 degrees and a sweatshirt.
  • Close the ventilation openings in unused rooms. If your cousin from Vancouver is preparing for the weekend, be sure to turn on the heat. But if your free room is free, close the ventilation openings to avoid unnecessary heat circulation.

waterfront condo singapore

  • Make sure your apartment is sealed. Large drafts of air around doors and windows are the main culprits for heat loss. Try to detect air leaks and use waterproof seals or seals to reduce air flow through these openings. This is especially important in coastal apartments, since the air currents that emerge from the water tend to be much more intense and cold in winter.
  • Use the fans sparingly. Fans that release air from the inside out are excellent for removing steam or smoke from the kitchen in the apartment. Unfortunately, they are also good for quickly removing heat from the apartment.