Tips To Choosing The Right Color For Your Nail Polish

We pay so much attention to our nails (it always takes us no less than 20 minutes to pick the perfect shade whenever we get a mani, whether it’s at home or the salon)—but it turns out that we’ve done it all wrong. We should not match our nail color to our costumes, even our moods, because our nails should match our skin tones like our hair and our makeup. Here are tips from this article to help you find the perfect shade when you get your next Manicuras!

Determine Your Skin Tone

Try to lay your skin side by side with nail polish – the hand, to get a notion of whether the two colors would complement each other. If you have brown skin, it may not be the most delicate color for your nails to be purple and orange. Dark or vibrant colors can make a pale skin stand out more than usual, so don’t go for them if you have a very light complexion and don’t want to attract all exposure to your nails. Women with darker skin tones are fortunate because they sound great with most shades. Light colors match their darker color with a pleasant comparison, while bright colors offer them a classy feel. However, nude colors may be more challenging to take off.

What’s The Occasion?


Do you go to a crazy group or wedding reception with your nails finished? Taking this into account can assist you in identifying what to select and what not to select. For a multi-colored glance, there is no room at official activities, and when joining a formal gala, nude or fundamental colors are a secure option. Also, choosing a fingernail color with your clothing color in mind is always an excellent concept.

How Old Is Your Age?

Just as clothing can render a lady aged or younger, the color of the nail can also have the same impact. Generally, pale and bold colors such as red wine or old white may create you to feeling older, while brighter colors such as pastel pink or aqua green may create you to feeling younger. It can be useful to select the correct color to fit the nail pattern to your era and the picture you want to depict.

 Get Away From Your Bad Habits


Do you tend to bite or grab your cuticles? Before you try to nail art, it is highly recommended that you let go of these inferior methods. But if you haven’t, when chipped and broken, polished nails may look worse. Instead, try to go for colourless nail polish.

Finally, don’t worry about experimenting and having pleasure. After all, if you don’t like what you see, you can add acetone colors.