The best spy movies ever made in the history

In this article we will mention some of the most famous spy tapes in the industry, you may be surprised to know that there is more than one name that only James Bond, so, this time, we will make a curious top of the best spy movies in cinema. Visit primewire to watch movies.


Kingsman: Secret Service

Within the characteristic style of adapting a graphic story, Kingsman: Secret Service tells the story of a teenage delinquent who moves through the slums of London and who will soon see that his life takes a 180 degree turn thanks to the help of A mysterious man The criminal happens, almost inexplicably, to find himself on the list of the most important spies of the country: secretly protecting the streets he used to use solely for his own benefit. Go to primewire to watch movies.


CasinoRoyale tells the beginnings of the most popular secret agent, agent 007, James Bond. His first mission takes place in Madagascar, where he must dismantle a very important terrorist cell headed by Le Chiffre. To achieve this, the secret agent must defeat his enemy in a poker game. While a beautiful officer is responsible for protecting government money, the one Bond uses in casino bets. Together they must survive numerous terrorist attacks.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne has long been a man without a country, without a past or memory. His physical and mental condition of extreme brutality had turned him into a killing machine, being the most implacable executor in the history of the CIA. But still, the experience failed and the agency decided to sacrifice it.

Left for dead, Jason takes refuge in Italy and begins a slow and dangerous search back in time to remember his identity. After the murder of his companion Marie, he finds the instigator of the Treadstone program who turned him into a murderer and condemned him to err. Then, he believes that his revenge has ended when he ends him and only aspires to disappear and live in peace. However, Treadstone will only be a black page, one more, of the agency’s history, and the Department of Defense decides to secretly launch an even more sophisticated second program: Blackbriar, which seeks to manufacture a new generation of elite training assassins.

Mission Impossible

The members of a CIA command are sent to Prague with the mission of capturing, during a reception at the American embassy, ​​an enemy spy who is about to steal a disk containing a secret list of agents from central Europe. The only thing they ignore is that the CIA, convinced that there is an infiltrated mole in the command, has sent a second team with the mission to confirm that everything happens as planned and stop as soon as possible the detective who is trying to sink his organization.

This is the first installment of the famous tetralogy based on the homonymous television series of the sixties and seventies, with Tom Cruise (‘Oblivion’, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’) in the role of the superspy Ethan Hunt.