basement ceiling

Home improvement project: basement ceilings

If you are the owner of a house that is lucky to have a good dry basement floor under your house, you will surely find time to think about how to finish it totally or partially. Floors, walls and ceilings: all this is necessary to make decisions before rushing to buy materials.

Gender improvement begins with what should start

The walls are more or less the standard for organizing a room or rooms, and then drywall (drywall) and everything related to them. Ceilings where you have a certain range to choose complexity and cost. It is simply a decision to allow the drywall contractor to simply make the ceiling along with the walls.

If you do this yourself, remember that the sheet that balances the wall is a completely different animal from the ceiling. To start, it takes longer and must be screwed instead of nailed. The real decision maker is what will be above the roof and under the floor of his main house. If it is a conventional construction house built by a contractor, then theĀ basement ceiling is probably a masonry wiring, water and sewer pipes, heating and air conditioning ducts. This means that every time you have to deal with broken pipes under the house, it will probably tear and then replace the roof of stone sheets / drywall. It won’t happen to you, okay, bet now. Children may need their own cable or cable television, or a new telephone line. You can drill a hole in the side of the house, but it is most likely more convenient to transfer the wiring to the existing portal and then through the floor to your room.

basement ceiling

Begins to sound like a suspended or lowered ceiling is your new best friend

They may cost a little more for the initial installation, but the freedom of access to this magnificent pipe and cable path is worth it. If you are a type of DIY, then the cost factor is the same. And if the pipe breaks or leaks, or something new needs to be installed from the garage cable entry to the back room, it will only replace some wet tiles after fixing the leak or simply lift some tiles and get out of the way while this new one passes. Telephone cable to your daughter’s room.

Another advantage is the decorative appearance of the suspended or suspended ceiling. The frame that supports the ceiling panels, as well as the panels themselves, come in different colors and textures. Even accessories for suspended ceilings can be purchased ready-made. The only requirement is a high ceiling in the basement and the need for a cleaner and more comfortable living space.