proxy server

Why do people prefer proxy server?

The intermediary between browser and the server allows computer to get redirected among network connections to many network services. If you use proxy server, client first communicates with proxy server and requests for resources to web pages and so on. There are many resources available within the various servers and the hard disk has the client request to relevant servers. There are many requests that are sent on behalf of client computers. There are cache resources that work towards remote and return subsequent from same content directly. We use proxy server for different purposes like internet connection sharing, IP address hiding, internet access control, and access blocked websites and so on. Here are few of the benefits of using proxy server.

use proxy server

  • It helps in sharing internet connection on LAN. Thus small business and families have multiple computer choice with one internet connection. It shares the internet connection for different IP with proxy server.
  • It speeds up the internet and uses proxy server with all requests from client and reach out at first. If the request is grasps by requested resources, it functions with the web actions and client feedback directly from the proxy server.
  • To use internet with anonymous identity, this is the right choice. It hides the IP address of client browser and helps in surfing anonymously.
  • The internet control is accessed with the authentication of internet connection, online time control, bandwidth control and content filter.
  • The security restrictions and filters are bypassed through the proxy server and Hide me proxy makes the perfect restriction with security of IP hiding feature.