Player Unknown's Battle Grounds

A Noobs Guide To Survive In Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds

PUBG, as it is affectionately called by players is an awesome multiplayer game where players go hunger games on each other. It is both the game and as much as the gameplay that made this game very popular across all age genres. In Pubg tutorial, the formula for Pubg is simple,  scatter weapons on an island, drop in 100 players from a plane, and let them find the scattered weapons and use them to kill each other. Oh, wait, for good measure, let us shrink the island so that we are sure that they find one another. This game again differs from most shooter games as there is no in-game tutorial to show you the ropes, but rather you have to jump in to learn the ropes as you play and die. Fortunately, tips for players abound online and below are some of the most used tips to ensure that even if you are an absolute newbie to the game, you have a fighting chance. Continue reading below if you plan on playing this game anytime soon.


How do you really even start? In the beginning, whether you are playing the pc version or mobile games, you find yourself about to jump out of a plane into the island. Now you do not just jump but think about your options, such as would you like to be the first to hit the ground or do a little bit of recon in the air? If you want to be the first, jump down and open the chute at the last possible moment and start looting away. If you want to have more control over where you want to position yourself, open your chute as soon as you jump off the plane so you can have more time to drift away from the planes flight path in as far as possible during this stage.

Safe With Less Loot or Live Dangerously With Greater Rewards

This would depend on what you would want to do early on in the game. For an absolute newbie, it is suggested to stay away from a cluster of buildings and towns as they tend to be more dangerous but offer the reward of higher quantity and quality of weapons and loot. On the other hand, landing smack dab in the middle of a small town will grant you cover from the buildings but better make sure that you clear them out of enemies first before starting to loot. In connection with this, PUBG starts the game with all doors in the game as closed. If you leave one open, you are basically telling everyone that you are inside. In the same manner, if you see an open door, it means that a player has opened it and may still be inside.

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What To Look For When Looting

An assault rifle is an ideal weapon as they would be good for almost all situations. Body armor is essential and a good helmet, to give you that fighting chance against a sniper. Make sure it is level two or above though as a lower level helmet will just get your head blown off when a sniper does a headshot. Make sure to be on the lookout for healing items as well, they are equally important as the weapons.

Learn The Controls

Spend quite a few games getting killed just to familiarize yourself with the controls. Lying prone, ducking, leaning left or right can only be mastered with repetition, remember that finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination has a lot to do with how your player moves in-game. Be aware of how to properly aim the weapons at your disposal, as well as walking and sprinting. Incidentally, while still at the learning stages, you can utilize Pubg mobile hack IOS or android just to avoid dying too much while at the learning stages. These Pubg pobile hack will include the awesome Pubg mobile wallhack which will let you play with the least chances of being banned.

Equip Yourself In The Real World

If you are serious about really having an edge on PUBG over the run of the mill player, get a good pair of 7.1 digital surround headphones. In this game, sound can be as much of a giveaway of a player’s location as if you can see them. A great headset will actually let you hear whether a player is behind you, to your front, or to your left or right. This is why some players actually take off their shoes in the games to give them that extra advantage while stalking other players.

Pay Attention To The Circles

If you are one of the smart players, you will actually use this to your advantage, as this can be a way to predict where other players will come out as they are flushed out of hiding. Incorporating this into your own gameplay by being constantly aware of where the red and blue circles are relative to your position on the map.