Three innovative tips for maintaining the home organization of professional home organizers

The organization of the house is an ongoing and ongoing task. Even professional home organizers admit that they are struggling with this in their own homes, even if they organize other people’s homes to make a living. Instead of seeing the big picture, like a whole house or a room in disarray, professional home organizer suggest dividing it into small pictures of what needs to be done. This means taking small, regular steps to organize at home, attack one area at a time, and focus on ongoing maintenance. It’s much easier than trying to organize a whole room at a time, especially if it’s a lot of work, because things have been out of control for too long.

Once you have reached the point where the mess is under control, maintenance is the key. Keeping in mind this idea, we shared three of the most innovative proposals that we found to help homeowners focus on maintaining home organization.

Innovative ideas to help you:

  • Create special garbage collection points. We like this idea, because it is based on the reality that no matter how much you scold, people tend to accumulate in the same places at home … on the table, in the bedroom chair, etc. Instead of To constantly fight for this with other family members, we like the idea that a little mess is in order, just within certain limits. Creating areas such as the corner of the table (rather than the entire table) where you can accumulate a little mess gives your family some room to maneuver and does not allow it to sound like a complaint.home organizer
  • Turn on the hangers in your closet. This idea is ideal for helping you decide which clothes you should keep and which things you can spend, donate to charity or reuse. Instead of hanging the clothes in your closet “in the usual way,” turn the hangers so that the hook is facing you.
  • Conduct annual charity sale garages. Even if you are a fan of garage sales, there are enough people who like that you having a guarantee of attracting customers. Make an annual garage charity sale as part of your overall organizational strategy. This will give you more outward motivation to not cling to items that you really don’t need.