NY IT Consulting

Top New York IT Consulting Services 2018

IT consulting which is also known as information consulting is a field of activity which mainly focuses on advising organizations on how to make the best use of information technology to achieve their business objectives. Information Technology Consulting is also known as computer consultancy or business and Technology Services or computing consultancy or Technology Consulting or information technology advisor. The Information Technology Consulting industry has a four tier system which includes professional services, staffing firms, independent contractors and security Consultants.NY IT Consulting is considered to be one of the best across the globe because of its influential nature and the work efficiency and dedication of the people working in these firms.

Top 4 New York IT Consulting firms

According to the 2018 census, there is a list of top 10 Consulting firms in New York city that has been released. The companies or groups that are included in this top 10 are

NY IT Consulting

  • The McKinsey and Company- This company has its headquarters in New York and it caters to financial and Healthcare Services, IT Consulting, Aerospace and Defence and TMT which is technology media and Communications
  • The Blue Wolf- One of the best companies in NY ITConsulting,¬† it focuses 25% on IT consultancy¬† services and is a global Salesforce Consulting agency which is committed to work creating customer and employee’s period that drive a return on innovation.
  • The computer resources of America- This company is an award winning provider of IT Solutions to middle sized organizations, government Agencies,non profitorganizations and financial services companies. It focuses its 40% on IT managed services. It has been excelling in delivering Technology Solutions that optimize productivity and increase and strengthen customer relationships. This also helps in enhancing data sharing and drive profitability. It has been working since 25 years for the same.
  • The PSL Corporation- Thiscompany drives software engineering and ITconsultancy solutions by mastering the advanced processes and technologies such as big data and machine learning amongst others. It has a 15 % focus on IT consulting throughout its own country and neighboring countries.