More About Time Clock Hub

The time clock hub allows you to customise the features as you would want for your respective companies depending on the regulations and the working of your business. This system can be applied for small as well as big companies. It is helpful in many ways than one and helps to eliminate human error. It is also an efficient way to keep the employees in the loop of how they work and the hours put in are not going unnoticed. Use timeclockhub.

The features that time clock hub provides

  • Remote tracking service
  • Puts in clocking restrictions
  • There is an option for photo capture.
  • Helps you to customise job codes.
  • You can apply multiple location settings.
  • There a task management system in place.

The remote tracking system will enable you to ascertain the exact location of your employee, when in he/she is clocking in or out by connecting the system to your GPS tracker. The tracker is useful to know the number of employees who come on time and leave when they are supposed to. You can also put restrictions to particular locations wherein the employees have to clock in and clock out. This specification can be fed into the system and it can be tracked by the GPS.

There could be a photo capture whenever the employee clocks in and out. This way you can have ample evidence of a person working for you to get optimum productivity by checking on there clocking hours by this method. By initialising job codes you will have track of which job each employee is handling and how much each job costs. So it is easy to calculate the pay per job too.

The system can be set for overtime for specific employees, for number of hours and the pay they may receive for those hours clocked in addition to their usual working hours. You can have all this information on the go as you can install as a mobile app. As heads of departments can check upon their employees even away from office too.

The reimbursement can be easily made when the receipts are uploaded by the employees and they can be paid faster as the processing is done online and this way no pending reimbursements can result in unhappy employees. Multiple locations in the office can be designated for clocking in and out. These locations can be at the entry point of every department in every office, so the employees need not crowd at one particular location to clock in or out. Use timeclockhub.